Real Estate & Construction

CTA Development Group Ghana Ltd is positioned to support Governments to provide a robust and sustainable development of public housing assets and infrastructure. CTA Development designs and implements projects for the sustainable management of public landed properties, drainage as well as safe, secure, decent and affordable housing using technical expertise and innovative methods.

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CTA Development Ghana Ltd designs and implement projects to ensure sustainable management and utilization of lands, forests and wildlife resources as well as the efficient management of the mineral resources for socio-economic growth and development.

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Roads and Highways

CTA Development provides Road Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Services and assist its clients to meet the need to improve road transportation system, through an effective and well designed integrated road network.

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Trade and Industry

CTA Development provides industrial services that contribute to client nations efforts to derive maximum benefit from internal trade relations and help promote foreign direct investment.


CTA Development Group Ghana supports its client nations to harness natural resources, which play a key role in the development of countries. Our organization, in its bid to support the sustainable management and utilization of agricultural resources for socio-economic growth and development designs and implements mechanized agricultural sector development projects.